Special Session

Noise and Vibration in Electrical Machines and Transformers

organized and chaired by:

Jean-Philippe Lecointe and Pawel Witczak

LSEE, Artois University, jphilippe.lecointe@univ-artois.fr

IMSI, Lodz University of Technology, pawel.witczak@p.lodz.pl

Vibrations and acoustic emissions became criteria of first importance for many applications. That is particularly the case in transportations applications with the electric vehicles or with the development of the more electrical aircraft. Many applications in industry are also concerned to protect the worker health but also to prevent the process from a mechanical fatigue. As a consequence, acoustic comfort and vibrations are important factors taken into account at the design stage of electrical drives and power transformers. This special session is an opportunity to present your last results!

The best paper of this session will be directly selected for a publication.

Topics of interest include:

A) Noise and vibration in electrical rotating machines

   • Machine models for noise and vibration determination  (from electric to acoustic modeling)

   • Optimal design for low noise machines

   • Control of vibro-acoustic behavior: what PWM leads to vibrations of low amplitude?

   • Active and passive control

B) Noise and vibration in power transformers

   • Optimal design for low noise power transformers

   • Material influence on noise and vibrations

   • Modeling the vibrations and noise emission

Pawel Witczak, born in 1950, is the Professor of Electrical Engineering at The Lodz University of Technology, Poland. He worked as the invited professor at Universite d’Artois, France in period of 1996 – 2006. His scientific interests are related to numerical modelling of electromagnetic fields and forces, vibration behavior and thermal effects in electric machines and transformers. He published over 80 papers in journals and conferences. Results of his research were verified in many projects granted by industry – OTIS United Technologies awarded him for technical innovation. He also cooperates with ABB Lodz and AC Systems, Denmark.

Jean-Philippe Lecointe, born in 1976 in France, is currently Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Artois University, north of France. He first arrived in 2000 at LSEE (Electrotechnical Systems and Environment Research Lab) as a Ph.D Student. He became Associate Professor in 2004, Full Professor in 2013 and the head of LSEE in 2014. His personal research concerns the efficiency of electrical rotating machines, the noise and vibrations of power transformers and rotating machines (Analysis and active reduction methods), and the design of high temperature electrical rotating machines. He has published over 80 scientific papers in international peer reviewed journals and conferences and he received awards of scientific excellence from the French Minister in 2010 and 2014. He is Visiting Professor at Lodz University of Technology (Poland). He is member of the Steering Committee of ISEF, of the Research Council of Artois University and of the Research Cluster MEDEE (French national technological research cluster on electrical machine efficiency increase).