Field theory and advanced computation in electromagnetism
• Electrical machines, transformers, actuators, micromachines
• Electromagnetic components of mechatronics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
• Coupled systems and special applications
• Electromagnetism in materials (new materials, measurements, modelling, computation)
• Electromagnetic phenomena in electrical power systems
• Optimization and computer aided design
• Software methodology and visualization
• Bioelectromagnetism and electromagnetic hazards
• Equivalent circuit modelling of field problems
• Nondestructive testing (methodology, measurement, diagnosis, testing)
• Design and computation of specific electromagnetic devices
• Electromagnetic compatibility
• Application of artificial intelligence in vector fields calculation
• Database and expert systems in the field computation context
• Electromagnetism in education
• Artificial and computational intelligence
• Electromagnetic phenomena in electric cars
• Noise and vibrations of electrical machines
• Reduced order methods for computation of electromagnetic devices
• Computation of electrical machines under faulty conditions
• Sensors, Actuators, MEMS – modelling and design optimization
• Propagation of radio waves – systems, modelling, applications


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